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Why Costa Rica

Come and be welcomed by the gold coast of Costa Rica. This is a compact country of 25,000 square miles (about the size of West Virginia in the United States or Nova Scotia in Canada) easy to discover and explore. It is located on the southern tip of Central America, between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean, placing it in a privileged spot.

Do not let the compact size of Costa Rica deceive you! Adventures and relaxation abound in this user-friendly, easy to access, spellbinding natural wonderland. Those who have experienced this place call it a natural wonderland because of its tropical forests, rushing rivers, exotic animals, uncrowded beaches, high mountains, and breath-taking volcanoes. What you do here, where you go, and at what pace is your choice!

The country, its seemingly infinite, pristine and varied vistas, along with its welcoming inhabitants, will provide you many gifts; you can just be open to receive them. Time spent in Costa Rica will enrich and rejuvenate your life and spirit in countless ways, both when you are in Costa Rica and long after you have returned home.

Costa Rica, a country which for many great reasons, is rapidly catching on as a captivating tourist spot, has the benefit to you of having just the right balance of infrastructure to provide for your needs and comfort, while offering frontier for adventures and exploration as well. The supportive residents will treat you as an individual, helping you when you need it, or pointing you to the path for your next adventure, as you like it. All you need is you passport to participate in this adventure. (Note: Your passport must have at least six months remaining before the expiration date.)

The temperature has a small range, between 20 degrees Celsius and 26 degrees Celsius year round. The green season is from May until November. The dry season, equivalent to summer, starts in December and ends at the beginning of May. Both seasons are enjoyable and often spectacular.

This privileged central location and unique history has brought many riches to Costa Rica, which this country appreciates and protects. Flora and fauna from both the Northern and Southern hemispheres can be found in this magical, natural paradise. There are 760 species of birds (more than the United States and Canada combined), 900 species of plants, 1200 species of orchids, and 10% of the world's butterflies. Costa Rica has international standing in the conservation community for its commitment to the preservation of the forest and wildlife. Another no small reason for such an abundance of natural beauty is that there have been no wars in Costa Rica, which has resulted in not displacing the natural inhabitants. Costa Rica is known as the Switzerland of Central America; the army was dissolved in 1947, allowing flora and fauna to grow and multiply.

In this special country with its varied ambiance, it is possible to marvel at new animals, plants and vistas every time you take a step, every time you blink your eyes; your eyes will be filled with new, interesting and pleasant sounds as well. In this country of contrasts, volcanoes dot the country, their dancing, vibrant and explosive colors, and dramatic surrounding vistas must be experienced. Peaceful, clean seemingly endless beaches are plentiful, each having their own unique distinction. The sand of these beaches is white, gold or black. Some of the best surfboarding in the world exists right here in Costa Rica! Every Costa Rican family seems to have its own favorite beach, which they visit as often as possible. Come decide which one is your favorite!

The quiet sanctuaries of the old growth rainforests, which are protected by many Costa Rican laws, deserve special mention. In a way that is impossible to adequately describe, the national parks in general, and the old growth rainforests in particular, provide for a freedom from stress and expansiveness of mind and spirit. These natural, jeweled, protected locations are gift from this special place, known as Costa Rica.

The people and culture of Costa Rica are as diverse and interesting as the emerald painted country in which they live. The people will exuberantly embrace and welcome the tourist who is seeking to escape the ordinary, as they come to visit the extraordinary. You will discover the Costa Rican culture has many similar values as North America and Europe so that you will feel comfortable. Yet the culture is also rich with its own uniqueness so that your exploration of this culture will be enriching.

Costa Rica, and all its enriching parts, beckons you. Hasta luego! See you soon!

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