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White Water Rafting

One of the undoubted highlights of any trip to this majestic part of the world is an adventure on one of the stunning river systems that course through its length and breadth. Offering the adventurous traveler moments of pulsating excitement, interspersed by the simple calm of floating bliss, Costa Rica's rivers offer the uninitiated a mouth watering taste of the wonders of the white water, and the adrenaline seeking veterans a serious test of their well earned prowess. The Corobici, Reventazon, Sarapiqui, and Pacuare rivers offer limitless thrills, from the tranquil Class 1, to the precipitous Class 4-5, many of which are considered world class by professionals, who race them during competition season.

Whatever your level, you will be in expert hands, as your licensed guides will be some of the best on the planet. Local Costa Ricans with an intimate knowledge of their own rivers, and a diverse group of professionals from the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe, among others, with years of hard earned experience will instruct you, and make sure that any safety concerns are properly taken care of. The thrill of being sent hurtling down a Tico river, with your paddle your best friend, and the power of nature your engine is a feeling of complete freedom, a connection with the great strength of nature, a humbling experience that will either leave you speechless, or screaming for the next challenge. Though it's so much more than just thrills and spills, all the excitement is tempered by the surrounding rainforests - a teaming green organism by the river side, stretching up over the horizon, seemingly scrambling with effervescent life, and the kaleidoscope of bird life which whizzes and sings past you, a veritable treasure of varied species a bird watcher would drool over.

At times you will marvel as you pass though ancient gorges forged by the subtle power of rain and the river itself. At mountainous out crops of million year old rock formations that hang precariously about your boat. Luscious waterfalls will invite as they crash peacefully against a neighboring mountainside and into the waiting river below.

And when you find yourself with a question about the new world rushing by, your guide, and boat captain will have the answers, drawing on his or her local knowledge and vast experience to not only answer your question, but empower you with a well spring of useful and interesting information, while perhaps giving you something to laugh about.

Catering to all requirements, including day trips, or longer 2-3 day tours, you will find all you need in Costa Rica, including picturesque cabins built by the riverside complete with their own gourmet chefs, mountain biking, trail walking, and other natural pursuits, to further complement your chosen adventure while you unwind and prepare to tackle the white water again.

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