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Costa Rica spas offer an incredible number of spa treatments that suit just about everyone.

Costa Rica spas are grouped into categories that allow one to choose the type of spa treatments that best suit their personal interests and needs. Spas here combine a wide variety of recreational activities which include the spa experience. Similar to vacation spas are the Costa Rica stay spas, where people spend an extended period of time to fully immerse themselves in several spa treatments. Costa Rica medical spas are for those who are interested in healthcare in a spa setting, either at a day spa or at a spa with overnight accommodations. Medical spas offer traditional and complementary medical services which are supervised and/or administered by medical professionals. Of course, the most popular venue is the day spa. These spas are designed to provide a beautifying, relaxing, and pampering experience with individual treatments that last for as little as an hour or may take up to a whole day. Day spas can be freestanding, located in health clubs, hotels, shopping centers, department stores, and even airports.

Some of the hotels that you can book on our website have spas and some are included in the room price. However if you are insterested it is best if you contact us first so that we can recommend either a hotel spa or one of the many independent spas which are sometimes even better.

Instead of a Spa, perhaps another attractive option would be the Hot Springs, that not only is an excellent treatment for your body skin, but also, for your mind and soul. We hope you enjoy it!

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