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Discover Costa Rica provides an online flight booking service through our partner ExitoTravel. By clicking on the Search button below you will be able to search for the best prices in flights to Costa Rica from the U.S.A. If you need any assistance, we are here to help you.

How do I receive the tickets?
Your tickets can be either electronic or paper depending on the airline carrier and the fare. Electronic tickets are preferred and issued whenever possible.

If your tickets are electronic you won't receive anything in the mail.
Your reservation and your ticket are in the airline's computer system. All you need is to know your departure dates and times. This information you can take from our confirmation email.
You also need a picture ID at the airport to prove that the name in the computer reservation system and the name on the ID are the same. It is a good idea to call the airline and confirm your reservation is in order.
How will the charge appear in my credit card statement?
Unlike other services offered in this website, flights are not billed by Discover Costa Rica.
What airports would you recommend in Costa Rica?
There are two main airports in Costa Rica which receive international flights.

  • Santamaría Airport in Alajuela: airport code SJO. This is the main airport and is located near San José which is the capital city and where most of the tours to the other parts of the country begin. San José is in the middle of the country and most businesses are located here. There is no shortage of hotels and car rental agencies near the airport. Many of our vacation packs include free pickup at the airport. If you are not booking a vacation pack, just contact us if you need this service.

  • Daniel Oduber Airport in Liberia: airport code LIR. This is a new airport located in the North Pacific region. Many tourists now prefer to arrive here because of the proximity to the famous beach hotels in that area. If you are staying at those hotels and do not wish to travel from San José, this is the option you should consider. There are not as many flights arriving at Liberia; most airlines do not land there every day. So you might need to adjust your schedule. If you can't find flights on any particular day try with the day before or after.

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